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Outback FM60/80/100 MPPT regulator

Outback FM60/80/100

The Outback FlexMax series is one of the most sophisticated MPPT regulators available. Yet it is solid built and very simple to operate.

Outback power equipment is fully programmable. That means it is compatible with all new lithium batteries as well as the ageing lead acid systems. We provide custom charge values for our G-cell lithium batteries.

Any size system is available. The FlexMax series is modular, just as the Outback Inverters. That means any upgrade needed in the future is a question of fitting more solar panels, battery modules, inverters and regulators.

If you have a fairly long distance between your solar panels and battery location, the FM100 is the best option. With a max line voltage of 300V we can achieve a decent line loss ratio.


The Outback FlexMax series is updated with new charge algorithms, which clearly shows in your daily logs of power production. This unit rocks!

Accessible via the Internet. We are able to save you the cost of a maintenance/service call by guiding you over the internet portal OpticsRE to access the menus and set things right. The unit is fitted with a large cooling fan and ribs at the top, which enables the FlexMax to operate flawlessly at ambient temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. This is important in our hot summer months.

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