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Lithium solar batteries

The G-cell lithium batteries are among the best quality batteries in the market.

These batteries are compact and thoroughly engineered and delivered with an exceptional long guarantee. We can now offer these batteries at a price where they truly represent the best investment. To understand the real economy in a quality battery pack, you can divide the life expectancy with the acquisition price.

21 Years x 12 months / 1 G-cell 48V = €25 per month. This is charging and discharging every day for 21 Years.

The G-cells are issued with a 15 years manufacturing warranty, expect +21 years of service life, if you follow our recommendations of use and charge settings.

11.7 Kwh lithium battery. 3KW load capacity unsupported by solar. No more top up and equalization needed. Fully compatible with Outback power systems.

G-cell 11.7 kWh 3KW load capacity PVP: €6.300


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