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Rolls Surrette batteries

Rolls Surette are among the best batteries money can buy. Rugged and thoroughly engineered these units are delivered with an exceptional long guarantee. We can now offer these batteries at a price where they truly represent the best investment. The trick is to divide the life expectancy with the acquisition price. The deal then speaks for itself!

Rolls are issued with a 10 years manufacturing warranty, expect 15 to 18 years of service life of the series 5000, if you follow our recommendations of use and equalization charges.

Rolls series 5000 6CS25P 6V 840 Ah/C20 -(1156 Ah/C100) PVP: 1178€

Rolls series 5000 6CS21P 6V 683 Ah/C20 -(963 Ah/C100) PVP: 995€


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