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Off-grid Solar installations

Off-grid Solar installations

A reliable power supply is crucial for any home.

We use quality components to build your solar system but just as important we teach you how to use it. Even the best equipment and design needs to be used correctly in order to ensure reliability and long service life. We deliver our electronic components pre installed and tested on a tidy solar board. All components are installed to the specifications of the NEC (US national electric code)

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Keep your power supply in good condition.

If you’ve just taken over a solar powered house, you should upgrade a few items. Older systems often suffer from simple PWM solar regulators that leave little or no options for battery maintenance. The batteries are the only thing that wears in a proper set up solar system but you can counter some of the most important adverse effects by controlling your charge parameters with a new MPPT regulator.

Here is a link for instructions on equalizing lead acid batteries with an Outback MPPT regulator

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We provide complete customized solar systems and survey/reforms of existing  solar systems.

We are situated in the Granada Province but cover  most of Spain.

We only sell equipment tested in our own workshop. We read the manuals, try out the components and provide you advice on the proper use.

All items we sell are covered by standard EU guarantees.

We are capable of delivery within one week of your purchase and will provide support and tuition as long as you need us.

Price examples for full systems.

Two things we’d like to say.

  1. Upgrading from the cheap monobloc batteries to Rolls 6V cells greatly enhances service life of the system.
  2. A proper MPPT regulator and a SmartGauge battery monitor enables you keep within battery discharge limits and to do maintenance charge (Equalization) on a regular basis. This extends battery service life even further, enhancing the system economy.

Small system 1.587 € incl. IVA

1 x 250 Watt panel
250Ah/24V or 500Ah/12V (2 x 12V monobloc battery store)
15 Amp regulator
350 Watt pure sine wave Inverter
Installation,cables & breakers will vary for each project and is not included. Expect about 8% added cost to system prices
This very basic system will light a 2 bedroom house, small LED Television, Internet connection, laptop computer.
Electric fridge is not an option on this size Inverter/battery pack, use a gas fridge instead.
In overcast conditions you should expect light at night for 3-4 days, but the use of TV is not recommended.
This system can be enhanced with a battery charger and a small generator to top up you batteries while supplying power for washing machine, large power tools etc.

Small system

Medium system 4.088 € incl. IVA

4 x 250 Watt panels
605 Ah/24V (4 x Rolls 6V series 4000 battery store)
40 Amp MPPT regulator
750 Watt pure sine Inverter
Installation,cables & breakers will vary for each project and is subsequently not included. Expect about 10% added cost to system prices
This system will provide light for larger houses up to 3 bedrooms, Television used more frequently, Internet and Laptop computer, Washing machine and smaller kitchen tools up to 600 Watt. Small power tools.
Electric 240V fridge can now be included but has to be A+++  (read solar survival manual for further information)
Power will be available for 5 days overcast with restrained use of the household equipment.
This system can be enhanced with a battery charger and a small generator to top up you batteries while supplying power for large power tools.

Medium system

Large system 9.720 € incl. IVA

8 x 250Wp Watt panels
1200Ah/24V or 600Ah/48V Rolls series 4000 battery store + SmartGauge battery monitor
Midnite Classic MPPT regulator (90 Amp)
3000 Watt Outback pure sine Inverter/charger

Installation,cables & breakers will vary for each project and is subsequently not included. Expect about 10% added cost to system prices
Will supply houses with several more bedrooms. Electric A+++ fridge and freezer, TV set, Internet, stationary computers, power tools, washing machine, garden lights.
This system will get you as close to the life on the grid as you will ever need.

Please note
The prices are without installation, breakers and cables, as this will vary for each project. We install according to the NEC (national electric code of the US) which is the most demanding and safe standard world wide. This includes DC breakers and fuses, earth terminal and a RCD (residual current device) on the 240V side of the system.

Large system

Support, tuition and yet more support.

Support, tuition and yet more support

This is the key to your enjoyment of your new solar system.

It is by no means difficult, but you’ll need to know the basic terms and routines in order to keep your system healthy.

We will be available for any questions for as long as you need us.

Pre assembled electronics boards.


We call them solar boards. We do all the fitting of your Inverter/charger, solar regulator, Battery meter and remote control displays on a board in our workshop. This means you get a fully checked, customized  and safe setup delivered ready to hang on your wall. The cable connections and fuses/breakers for DC power systems are very important for a reliable system.


Fire safety is an important issue:

We follow the very demanding  standards of the NEC in our installations. The National Electric Code of the US is very likely to become a European standard for renewable energy installations in a near future. Right now you will encounter no regulations for off grid houses in Spain.
If you are planning to install a large battery bank in your house, specialist skills are certainly required. The fire hazards of DC wiring is present, and UL listed equipment and fuses is absolutely necessary to eliminate all risk. Please inquire about these things before you choose a company to do the installation!

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