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About Solar Andalucía

We install solar electric power in most of Spain.

We live on solar ourselves, so we know the routines you will need to adapt as a solar user. With a bit of our comprehensive solar living advice, we are usually able to provide you with a much more economical system, compared to the standard quotations from larger companies.

We take great pride in our preliminary surveillances, making a precise estimate of your needs based on extensive dialogue and our own experience as solar users.

Reliable solar  is about keeping track of your consumption compared with your production. Sounds logical, but unfortunately we often see customers left in the dark with expensive solar systems completely drained of energy and nearly dead batteries. This can be a costly introduction to solar living. A lot can be saved by timing your daily of power consumption. It is easy! Take a look round our site for more information or call us for a talk on 6299 47701

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On call 24 hour support in Andalucía

We always answer our phone and email, no matter what question you might have concerning your solar system. We offer guarantee on our product range and installations.


Smart solar regulators Why go for less?

The MPPT regulators yields to 30% more power from your panels. This increase is peaking during winter time, when you’ll need it the most.

I you are interested in the MPPT regulator, press the link for further information.



Getting grid power to rural houses can be very expensive, if not downright impossible. Our location in the Granada province, provides us with one of the world’s best locations for solar energy waiting to be exploited.


Wiring of solar systems and the NEC.

We commit our installations to the strict regulations of the NEC (National electric code of the US).  Direct current (DC) is dangerous without these precautions, as any short circuit without proper fuses and breakers will make the batteries release enormous amounts of current in the wiring of your house. Proper wiring is also a key factor in preserving the energy generated by the solar panels.


Holiday rental support

Coming down to your holiday home finding the lights are out, or even worse receiving a call from an unhappy tenant can be avoided.  If you have Internet in your house, we can provide online surveillance of the solar system. For a moderate anual fee we can even make a virtual service check for you on a regular basis.

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