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Outback Power Inverters


12/24/48Volt systems with 3 to 12 Kilo Watt constant load capacity. Inverter/chargers can either supply power from, or charge your batteries. The inverters can also top up your battery store from an external source such as a generator. This completely cancels the issue of keeping your system autonomous during overcast weather. About an hour of generator charge (app. €3 worth of fuel) will keep your batteries topped up, until the clouds are gone.

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The inverter is the heart of your system. This unit generates the standard household 240 Volt AC current, as in a grid-connected house. It enables you to run normal electrical appliances such as lights, television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, Internet connection etc. A few of these appliances can be obtained for 12/24 Volt DC (this is what your system generates without the inverter), but due to the size of the 12/24 Volt market the products are expensive, so the inverter is actually a better deal. Also, the cost for wiring drops dramatically for 240 Volt Alternating Current compared to the bigger cables needed for DC loads.

Outback pure sine Wave Inverters

We have discarded the cheaper products, featuring only pure sine wave Inverters from Outback Power (US). These products might increase the initial investment, but the true (and far more economical) value of these excellent products will be obvious after a few years of usage. With a high conversion efficiency, durable and proper designed, these machines will yield even higher watts in peaks than stated.

In the nearly 20 years that we have been working with solar system designs, we have had almost no problems with these products. When failure happens, it is due to user induced errors, such as heavy overload (the Inverter shuts down and can be reset), dirty generator power or heavy fluctuating grid connections. Actual failure is rare, but if it happens, Outback equipment is serviceable on site. That means very little downtime for your power supply, as there is no dismantling and shipment to the supplier involved.

The OpticsRE Internet portal enables both us and our supplier to monitor/ reprogram your system, if you invite us to do so. 

Cheaper inverters can be obtained, but we do not recommend this, as frequent failure and replacement of burned out units makes them less economical.

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