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Midnite Solar MPPT 90A/150 VDC regulators PVP 840€

Solar Andalucia is proud to present the magnificent Midnite Classic MPPT charge controller. Even surpassing the Outback MPPT range in both capacity and charge efficiency! The technical specs speaks for themselves, this is truly the best Mppt regulator available on the market today. The unit offers, among a host of features, an Internet option enabling you (or us for a small fee) to monitor your system via the Internet. This feature has obvious advantages for holiday homes and remote locations. You can also connect the regulator via an Ethernet cable and communicate/program via your computer with a comprehensive graphical interface, download statistics, graphs and import the values into a variety of office programs including Windows and open source programs. Solar Andalucía offers seasonal charge settings, to tweak your system to optimum harvest from your solar panels, while preserving your batteries.

Rolls Surrette batteries

Rolls Surette are among the best batteries money can buy. Rugged and thoroughly engineered these units are delivered with an exceptional long guarantee. We can now offer these batteries at a price where they truly represent the best investment. The trick is to divide the life expectancy with the acquisition price. The deal then speaks for itself!

Rolls are issued with a 10 years manufacturing warranty, expect 15 to 18 years of service life of the series 5000, if you follow our recommendations of use and equalization charges.

Outback FM60/80 MPPT regulator

Outback FM60/80

We also recommend this slightly more economical regulator to systems with more than 500 Watt panel capacity. The Outback FlexMax series is one of the most sophisticated regulators available, and yet it is very simple to operate. We provide custom charge values for our clients. Depending on season we can tweak this unit to surpass the standard yield of your solar system with a lot of added power production. We offer programming support and alerting e-mails or phone calls, when it is time to set your device for summer or winter settings.

SmartGauge battery monitor

Available from our stock here in Spain for 215 €

Keep an eye on your capacity, and never discharge your batteries below 50% If you keep to this rule, your batteries will live up to twice as long. A true deep cycle battery bank is worth at least 40% of the whole solar system cost. Preserving its life is good economy, but to ensure this you need proper battery monitoring. That is why the SmartGauge is a smart investment.

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