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SmartGauge battery monitor

Available from our stock here in Spain for 215 €

Keep an eye on your capacity, and never discharge your batteries below 50% If you keep to this rule, your batteries will live up to twice as long. A true deep cycle battery bank is worth at least 40% of the whole solar system cost. Preserving its life is good economy, but to ensure this you need proper battery monitoring. That is why the SmartGauge is a smart investment.

Key Benefits

True battery value in percentage….Generator auto start/stop signal…Simple 2 wire installation….Suitable for 12V, 24V and (48volt) systems …Automatic self-setup and adjustment…..User programmable alarm output….Self compensation for battery aging.

Why buy this?

The best way to measure battery state of charge is to pop the battery caps off and take a specific gravity reading. This however is too time consuming for the daily and necessary monitoring of your battery capacity.

Second best would be a Voltage reading directly off the master battery terminals, but this isn’t much good neither.

It is impossible to extract the right state of charge on a battery bank from the voltage reading, unless you shut down all loads and charge sources for about 90 minutes. Then apply a voltage meter directly on the battery terminals.  The reason for this procedure is that when the batteries are charging the voltage will be significantly higher. When the sun has set, and you are using your batteries it will reverse.The voltage will be lower than the true charge state. A quick voltage reading will, as such, most likely set you off and confuse your idea of the real state of charge.

The two correct procedures mentioned above (be it specific gravity or shutting down your system for 90 min) is obviously not going to happen on a daily basis, no matter how good your intentions are. That’s where the SmarGauge is a godsend gadget.

The SmartGauge is the only electronic meter we trust. It’s instantaneous, clean and simple compared to specific gravity measuring, which means you get the information you need to maintain your battery bank healthy.

The SmartGauge can be set up to control a auto start generator.

Based on the true percentage value the SmartGauge will send a start and timed stop signal to most key start generators, ensuring you never drop below your chosen set point of battery discharge.  All it takes is an electronic interface to translate the signal into generator action. Current price for such a box is 160€.

The SmartGauge tells you the true value in percentage

Many lesser meters count the Amps entering and exiting the batteries, but the batteries are not a 100% efficient storage unit. Even with no load connected, the batteries discharge themselves. It does not take much reckoning to realize this affects the precision of amp counters. Whether they display percentage or not, They simply become adrift.

The Smartgauge due to advanced programming and reading of the Voltage instead of the Amps, keeps true track of your capacity. This means that you have absolute control over the key information in any solar system, which would be:

How much energy can I spend today?

By installing the meter inside your house at a convenient place, you can monitor the systems rhythm on a daily basis. Get to know your true capacity, and plan accordingly.

If you combine the percentage information with a bit of planning and the weather forecast, you never have to see the dreaded 50% capacity on the smartgauge display.

We live and depend on this monitor ourselves.

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