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Our business policy

You will probably encounter cheaper quotes on solar systems if you look around, but…..
The problem with bargains on solar systems is, that when the consequences show (meaning your batteries are dead after a few years) so is your guarantee.
We do our utmost to keep our prices down, but we also design systems that last, and that does have a price.IMG_20131203_174049

That being said, the only maintenance cost you should encounter from us, is a bit of distilled water (to top up your batteries) and optionally saving up for your battery replacement in 7 to 15 years time, depending on your initial investment.

Getting to know the routines of a solar system is crucial and not that difficult. We’ll be there for you as long as you need support / tuition.

We have been monitoring the solar market for more than 10 years, and we know where to look for new products of interest to you as a solar user. Once we find a product, we install it in our own home. If the product checks out to our expectations, we publish it on our site.

We provide unlimited support and service on all our products and we know what we are selling.
By simulating the system in your house in our company workshop,  we can often guide you remotely through a remedy without any extra costs.


Online survey of your solar system

Recently we have added the Midnite solar MPPT regulators to our range of products. This regulator, in combination with an Internet connection, can report directly to us, enabling us to monitor your system at a glance.

Our prices
You may be able to save a few Euro by surfing the Internet for other vendors, but getting any real advice/support is very rare. The big Internet based companies who are able to supply at lower prices rarely have any idea about the practical use of the items they sell.
Being locally based here in Andalusia, we have already dealt with shipping costs, import duties and customs.
Many a hopeful buyer on e-bay has been intercepted by the Spanish customs authorities, when purchasing high tech products from outside the EU. This is a very frustrating experience, with added expenses and extended delay on delivery as an obvious draw back.

We want to stay small and vigilant
Ultimately the only one who pays for huge stock of goods, large headquarters, expensive advertising and flashy new company cars is you! We stay small, local and vigilant, striving to find the best products at the best price.

Our suppliers are some of the best on the market. We constantly search the Internet to find the best solar energy products available for our clients. We deliver total solar solutions, service and maintenance as well as supplies for reforms of existing systems.

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