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It has been a while since we published recent work. Due to the price drop in solar panels, we are mostly installing 3 Kw and above. Here is a small photo collection of recent projects.

6 KW 48V system with Pramac backup generator for a B&B near Malaga.

IMG_20150817_190052 IMG_20151009_100716 IMG_20151009_172938 IMG_20151016_150542 2 4

3 Kw peak grid support near Orgiva. So far we only have the winter data but our client informs us that the utility bill has been reduced by 40%

3 IMG_20151130_141721

3 KW peak stand alone system supporting a large salt water pool and 4 bedroom country house near Cadiar, Alpujarras, Granada. 
Note the laptop interface for the Midnite solar regulator. Easy access to all charge parameters and online survey of your house from anywhere on the Internet makes this charger a world leader in high tech MPPT regulators.

IMG_20150422_180235 IMG_20150424_115738 IMG_20150424_120241IMG_20150424_115713 The laptop on top of the battery bank is showing the Midnite solar local status app. This interface is a remote control feature accesible via Ether- or Internet greatly enhancing the control features of this high tech MPPT regulator.


3 KW Outback 48V inverter/charger. Midnite regulator and 12 x 250 Wp panels near Lanjaron, Granada.

IMG_20150604_200103 IMG_20150606_103653 IMG_20150606_115138 IMG_20150606_115123

Various systems ranging from 3 to 6 KW. All in 48V,  which optimizes the capacity of the MPPT regulators.

IMG_20141012_114204 IMG_20140421_180440 IMG_20140207_130404 IMG_20140708_212607 IMG_20140114_171627IMG_20140703_210839

Smaller can do it as well. This is a 1,4 Kw 12 V system in the mountains above Lanjaron, Granada.

IMG_20150513_120102 IMG_20150513_125201 IMG_20150312_161148~2







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